Security for tomorrow with contribution budgeting and retirement planning

The continuous evolution of the subject matter and the constant and sudden change of rules have led us to put the ‘world of pensions’ at the centre of our attention: we now specialise in pension consultancy, public and private sector, and pension planning also abroad.

We provide a precise and accurate analysis of the social security situation of employees, self-employed persons, company directors and freelancers. We carry out all activities with reference to both Institutional Institutions (Inps, Inpgi, Ex Inpdap, Ex Enpals, Ex Inpdai) and other mandatory pension schemes, such as professional or supplementary funds such as Enasarco, Enpacl, Enpam, CNPADC, Cassa Forense, Enpaf, Inarcassa etc.

  • Individual contribution history analysis. Arrangement and integration of social security statements (reconciliations, surrenders, establishment of life annuities and contribution transfers).
  • Pension assistance and care. Presentation, processing, updating and integration of the insurance account.
  • Strategic counselling with the aim of optimising the pension situation, assessing the benefits with a view to: increasing the future pension cheque; early completion of the pension entitlement.
  • Appraisal and quantification of pension economic damage for wrong contractual classification.

In support of the worker for...

  • Understand what pension will be offered by the public system.
  • Quantifying the gap to be bridged with respect to the desired standard of living and evaluating a supplementary (or alternative) form of retirement provision to reduce it.

In support of companies for...

  • Plan company turnover and take action in time to replace key figures about to leave the work cycle.
  • A tool to be considered in company bargaining when evaluating incentives.


Our consultants help you in the management of labour relations, economic, legal, insurance and social security aspects

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Our working method

Our consultants follow their clients from A to Z: no fragmentation or division of labour. The relationship is direct and transparent in every aspect. The use of advanced software allows us to have everything under control, in a single interface.