We offer all payroll accounting and personnel administration services


We offer all personnel administration accounting services

Attendance recording, data balancing and control, periodic (monthly and annual) verification and closure of individual and company reports, reporting, analysis and processing of final and forecast budgets, and technical and IT support in the accounting of personnel costs. We use the most advanced IT systems in payroll and human resources management, enabling us to provide our customers with the widest range of applications to meet all existing demands and requirements for the human resources sector.

Monthly calculations

  • Pay slips and company summaries
  • Single labour book (LUL)
  • Statement of net amounts
  • First note accounting statement
  • Statement of contributions and withholding taxes
  • Telematic sending of reports
  • INPS/periodicals
  • Model F24

Annual pCalculations

  • Employee CU models
  • Collaborators CU models
  • Send telematic INAIL / employees / collaborators self-assessment models
  • Tax adjustments and 730
  • Employer declaration 770
  • Accrued deferred income statement
  • Other processing as required

Complementary services

  • Start-up / payroll assistance
  • Access / opening of entity positions
  • New recruitments management
  • Processing of severance pay
  • Processing of employee and self-employed Form 770
  • Processing of employee and self-employed 770 models
  • F24 telematic sending

Other services

  • INPS services
  • INAIL self-assessment
  • Executive funds
  • Management funds (QUAS QUADRIFOR), pension funds (TFR to pension fund)
  • Management of supplementary health care funds
  • DURC


Our consultants help you in the management of labour relations, economic, legal, insurance and social security aspects

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Quick contacts

  • Milan Office 02-48193249
  • Pavia Office 0382-538188

Our working method

Our consultants follow their clients from A to Z: no fragmentation or division of labour. The relationship is direct and transparent in every aspect. The use of advanced software allows us to have everything under control, in a single interface.